Make the Best out of FIT: 3 Reasons Why People Should Hire a Fitness Instructor

Make the Best out of FIT: 3 Reasons Why People Should Hire a Fitness Instructor

Keeping yourself self healthy is an arduous task that takes a lot of time, effort and money. This is a fact that any person will inevitably face as they walk (or run!) their path towards a healthier lifestyle. Being fit is extremely important now more than ever.

Because of today’s unrelenting, fast-paced life, many people have become too lax and practically uncaring with their eating habits. They have forgotten the importance of having a regular exercise routine. These factors have led to an increase in the chance of people becoming unhealthy and obese.

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Studies show that this health condition is on the rise. Obesity rates have more than doubled in adults and children since the 1970’s, according to a study from the National Center for Health Statistics in 2009. While recent estimates suggest that the overall rates of obesity have plateaued or even declined among some groups, it is still widespread and continues to be a leading public health problem in the U.S.

Some people opt to order and use fitness videos rather than an in-person meeting. However these videos tend to be expensive – even if you decided to use a video downloader – and you miss out on the benefits of face face communication.

Often reiterated by medical professionals and health consultants, the fundamental things to maintain to be truly healthy is proper diet and exercise. Both of these factors need to have balance and consistency. These two facets go hand in hand in defeating not only obesity, but also a wide array of health problems that may arise for those people who do not attempt to live a healthy lifestyle.

The first of these factors is attaining good habits in eating. Simply put, a proper diet is imperative for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ironically, it may be the more expensive option. However, having a healthy diet can be easy and be readily accessible in the kitchen.

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When proper nutrition is covered, the more involved work comes when it’s time to become more physical, finding the time to break a sweat, and burning those carbs and proteins. There are various ways to meet the exercise requirements of everyday life – walking, getting into sports, or hitting the gym.

In reality, as much as people want to go to the gym, it proves to be a major hassle for many. It may be due to time constraints, lack of resources, or simply decreased motivation due to social discrimination, especially with newcomers.

But how exactly do newcomers and aspiring gym goers aid this problem? The answer is quite simple.

Hire a gym instructor!

There are various benefits of getting a personal trainer to help out in your workout. Not only do they guide people in being healthier and more fit, they also have so much more to share for the aspiring “gym goer.” Here are the ways hiring a fitness instructor can be a benefit to all.

F is for Fit for the Job

The two major problems for newcomers and aspirants are that most of the time, they don’t have an idea on: 1.) what specific workout is most effective for their body types, and 2.) how to operate the machines that are stationed in the gym. When they start the work, they become more prone to wrongfully using and operating these apparatuses which, more often than not, can be very embarrassing. Having a gym instructor can fully guide a person in removing these specific problems.

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All instructors are required to have certain degree of experience in handling gym equipment, body building, and healthy living. Who better to listen to than the ones who are constantly on top of their health and have years of practice to back it up? Instructors are best fit to help a person not only in introducing equipment used in the gym, but also in providing them specific steps to be followed in order to give them a proper head start. They offer some really good tips in order to bring the best out of a person on their first day.

Furthermore, fitness instructors have keen eyes to help people along the way. Many people have areas they prefer to work on, and personal trainers can not only tell people realistically what to expect with each workout, but also show how to optimize a session to target different muscle groups. Since they are experts at what they do, they are proven to be a great aid for a person in making sure that their forms while exercising are correct,  as well as tweaking it for convenience and ease.

All in all, getting Personal Training Courses from a professional instructor is a smart move for those who seriously want to get fit. Not only do they give all the benefits mentioned above, they also teach new things to people, as well as inspire them to continue working hard. Thus, the second benefit of having a gym instructor is…

I is for Inspiring for Perspiring

After the first day at the gym, the likelihood of getting a sore body is on the rise. This is called Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and can lead to a person being unmotivated and just plain sluggish to attend the next session. The truth to being healthy is that it will test not only a person’s physical power, but more so their mental fortitude. Mental fortitude encompasses how a person deals with motivation and inspiration.

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A fact that everybody should know is that gym instructors do know what it feels like being the newcomer in the gym. Since most of them are highly-experienced individuals in the field, they know what problems that a person may encounter going into the first day to the next during their workout program. They are more than willing to help with any person’s concern with regard to their bodies, and they also give certain tips on how to go about the problem.

Inside the gym, an instructor should always test a person to their limits. “Would this person be able to step up to the next level and lift this extra weight?” A notable thing about fitness teachers is that they keep count and keep track of a person’s workout reps and program development. They are accountable to a person’s success physically and mentally, that is why they establish their objectives and meet halfway with their clients halfway as needed.

T is for Tweaking, Tracking and Therapy

For those who have experience in going to the gym, it is essential that every exercise they have done is noted for consistency. This is why instructors track a person’s progress on their way to the body that they desire. By keeping track of a person’s workout schedule, instructors gain important perspectives as to how their client’s body is showing results, or if a modified approach is needed. This is where tweaking comes into play.

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Tweaking an exercise is an attempt to direct the focus of the workout to what a person wants to improve on. Say, for a person who wants to build his or her core, there are certain modifications in various exercises that a personal trainer might suggest. Trainers have vast knowledge with regard to variations of exercise and focused training; this is why it is important to heed their advice on gym day.

Nonetheless, gym instructors also help people outside of physicality. These people are trained to be interactive with their clients to keep them motivated and headstrong. This is why most instructors today are very approachable in a sense that they become somewhat of a therapist to their clients.

While a person may be busy exercising, a trainer’s tendency is to go deep in the mind of that person. He or she may ask about a person’s current state of mind, his or her day at work or school and many more. By doing so, they are able to penetrate the personal bubble that may hide a client’s full potential. Similarly, instructors are more aware of how they can motivate a person especially for the more challenging workouts at hand.

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