3 Psychological benefits of owning a dog

3 Psychological benefits of owning a dog

There is a reason why the human brain is at the top of one’s head. It is because the human brain must be treated with utmost care. Not only does the human brain make people different from the rest of the animal kingdom, it also functions in ways one cannot imagine. This is the reason why it is imperative that people take care of their mental health, as well as to provide the necessary aspects from which the brain can be so much more.

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Various activities can induce good mental health. Exercising one’s mind through crosswords and chess can actually make the brain function at the optimum and fend away psychological problems. Overall, continuous utility of the mind in these types of activities help make it stay sharp and ready, which is one of the primary facets of a healthy brain.

Nonetheless, with the amount of stresses that this life has to offer, the human psychology is strained by various mental ailments. From this, one can deduce that in order to have a healthy mental health, he or she must know how depression can be avoided, or what activities can actually help prevent it from even happening.

One of the more fun and novel ways is adopting or keeping a dog.

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Backed up by research, loving these furry friends can actually promote good mental health. They come with a wide array of powerful mental benefits each worth taking note of.

Nurtures Social Interaction

Dogs are valuable beings that connect people socially. They can be considered as social magnets which extremely helpful for a distressed person. These beings give a sense of comfort and company which can never be truly replaced, especially if a person is an innate dog lover.

According to researches, people with pets are generally happier, more trusting, and less lonely than those who don’t have pets. They also visit the doctor less often for minor problems. The same case applies to that of a person who is prone of being depressed.

Researchers  from University of Western Australia, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition surveyed nearly 2,700 people from Perth, Australia; San Diego, California; Portland, Oregon; and Nashville, Tennessee and concluded that being a pet owner was the third most common way that survey respondents said they met people in their neighborhoods. (No. 1 was by being neighbors; no. 2 was by using local streets and parks.) Pet owners were 60% more likely than non–pet owners to get to know people in their neighborhoods they hadn’t known before.

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Dog owners, more specifically those who walked their dogs, are also far more likely to have been reported befriending someone they met through a pet-related connection or getting social support from them. Many other researches indicated the same results, as having dogs can ultimately induce a sense of excitement with regards to social interaction.

Teaches Responsibility and Structures Maturity

It is evident in dogs that they give a sense of belongingness and loyalty to those who they grow up with. For those who have children, this lovable dog trait is an amazing way to culture a sense of responsibility to the young ones. As the dogs require much love and attention, most dogs (if not all), regardless of size and breed, are capable of inflicting injury to people when treated otherwise by their owners. (As such, it is just proper for dog owners to be on high alert of any danger, especially around children.)

The responsibility of taking care of another living thing gives an individual a heightened awareness and purpose, preparing the owner for future obligations and other serious duties. Feed them with high fiber and natural foods. Ensure they are healthy by giving them pet supplements and dog probiotics. Spend time with them regularly.

Eventually, when done correctly, the strong relationship created between pet and owner brings an indescribable feeling that makes owning a dog at home worthwhile.

Similarly, caring for a dog teaches children to be more thoughtful of others. Children learn to be more compassionate and empathic through the regular care for these cuddly companions. Since pets are never critical and ever loyal, the young ones develop a connection on how it is to be respectful and amiable to others.

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More often than not, dogs also showcase a strong bond similar to love that the mere presence of their owners at home already provides them comfort and security. In turn, they show the same strong behavior and a sense of independence to those who could emulate them (i.e. children). Having an ever-present dog can help ease separation anxiety in children when mom and dad aren’t around.

Having the love and companionship of a loyal dog can make a child feel important and help him or her develop a positive self-image.

Overall, these benefits from dogs can nurture a child to become a more mature and responsible adult in the future.

Lightens up mood to avoid depression

With millions of people diagnosed with this mental ailment, depression is considered as one of the most dangerous (yet underrated) diseases worldwide. It is a common mental disorder that causes people to experience self-defeating emotions, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.

Considering their energetic disposition, dogs can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, and encourage exercise and playfulness.

While most dog owners are clear about the immediate joys that come with sharing their lives with their canine companions, many remain unaware of the physical and mental health benefits that can also accompany the pleasure of playing with or snuggling up to a furry friend.

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More than any other animal, dogs have evolved to become acutely attuned to humans and their behavior and emotions. While dogs are able to understand many of the words people use, they’re even better at interpreting tone of voice, body language, and gestures.

Also, like any good human friend, a loyal dog looks into his master’s eyes to gauge his or her emotional state and try to understand what a person is thinking and feeling. This creates a stronger emotional connection that is proven to provide relief from the abovementioned mental and emotional disorders.

Ultimately, dogs can provide a novel way to reduce stresses that may induce depression and all the negative effects that comes with it.


Having good mental health is an essential aspect which anyone should really put emphasis on. This is because most of the diseases related to psychology is often deteriorating and may come even as fatal. This is why people should take steps in avoiding and lessening the adverse effects of these psychological ailments.

Definitely, keeping a dog can help improve the mental health of any individual. Research shows that having a dog companion provides a person a wide array of health benefits. From nurturing social interaction to teaching accountability, loyalty and higher level of maturity, owners, and even children, can become more responsible and compassionate in terms of handing themselves and growing to be mentally stronger.

It has been proven that dogs provide a lighter ambience and less-stressful aura in practically every situation of human life. This helps lessen, if not completely avoid, the signs of depression. Ultimately, the pet-owner relationship instills and reinforces a bond that leads anyone to become a better version of themselves.

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5 Myths About Asthma That People Actually Believe

5 Myths About Asthma People Actually Believe

With pollution and smoke seemingly constantly storming the atmosphere nowadays, it comes as no surprise that the number of people having respiratory related health problems is likewise increasing. The rising number of these respiratory problems may be viewed as a consequence of the incessant utility of manufacturing plants – which continue to put a toll on the environment.

The cause of the recent increase of these health problems is really a no-brainer – since there is practically no place on earth where people can live pollution-free.

pollution free

With that in mind, various diseases have escalated to become more common ailments in various households. One of the more common ones (unfortunately) is asthma.

Medically Speaking, What is Asthma?

Asthma is a lasting medical condition that inflicts the lungs. More specifically, it affects its airways. Wheezing and difficulty with breathing are the main indicators of the disease. Nonetheless, the most apparent symptoms of asthma are an irregular cough or tightness in the chest.

Come to think of it, asthma can be compared to a simple hand grenade (stick with me here). A grenade has a ring which acts as trigger that must be displaced first for it to work. Similarly, with asthma, there are various factors that trigger its attacks, which are often related to environmental factors. These triggers may include pollution, pollen, animal dander, chemicals, smoke, exercise, anxiety or other emotions that may cause someone to increase their rate of breathing.

However, these triggers vary with each asthma patient depending on various factors. Since there are variable triggers and environmental factors that may prompt such illness, people have come to believe a number of odd things about asthma.

In reality, most, if not all, of these beliefs aren’t really true. Here are some debunked myths about asthma that should be straightened out by the books.

Myth 1: Asthma is Just Another Simple Allergy

Asthma and having allergies are two closely related but different conditions. Because of how similar they appear, it’s no surprise that it may have caused a lot of people to think that asthma is actually an allergy. It is not. Having allergies is like playing youth basketball. Asthma, on the other hand, is more like the NBA.

simple allergy

It’s certainly true that both respiratory conditions can make it a toll to breath for those unfortunate enough to be affected. Allergies, however, are more of an adverse reaction of the immune system to normally harmless things. Allergies may be induced by foreign materials (called allergens,) such as pollens, dust or animal dander.

On the other hand, asthma is a much more severe, chronic condition that affects the bronchial tubes. Similar to allergies, there are types of asthma which can be induced by foreign materials that may enter the respiratory tract. Allergic asthma is a kind of asthma that is triggered by allergens, causing the inflicted person to have severe coughing and difficulty breathing.

This is why it is important for children and adults alike to be in an environment free of these allergens. Simple steps like having the best air purifier for allergies can play a big role in preventing these attacks from happen.

Myth 2: Humid Climates Cure Asthma

Often, cool and dry settings as well as high altitudes can trigger asthma attacks. In reality, being in a humid surrounding is actually more ideal for keeping the airways moist, which lowers the chances of triggering the ailment. Since asthma can be very dependent on the environment in which someone is in, it’s no wonder that some people have come to believe that just moving to a place with humid climate somehow magically poofs away the disease.

While it does help, it certainly does NOT cure it.

Generally speaking, it HAS been proven that a person’s environment is a major factor in developing or recovering from any disease. Truly, a change in the surroundings can lessen asthmatic symptoms. However, it will not totally cure it. In fact, the lessened effect resulting from the change is just temporary – and the allergens can adapt to it and evolve into a new trigger for one’s asthma.

The best way to go about it is to have a controlled environment. Simply put, a controlled environment equals controlled asthma.

Myth 3: It Will Just Disappear

Another common misconception about the disease is that an adult will outgrow it. The main problem in this belief is that it is a chronic illness, thus, it is lasting and will continue to endure with no proper medication.

Technically, children can outgrow asthma. In fact, according to studies performed in the United States, half of children ages 2-10 have decreased indicators of the ailment, such as lessened difficulty breathing and wheezing. However, there is a major difference in the possibility of recovery when it initially occurs during adulthood, especially if these people happen to smoke or are exposed to a polluted environment.

child with asthma

What parents are able to do with their children is ensure they are in the proper environment where they can eat and play without being exposed to excess allergens. This is one of the majors steps towards not developing the disease. With proper medication and consistent, evaluated primary care, asthma can almost entirely disappear from a once afflicted child.

Myth 4: Asthmatic People Should Not Exercise

Although it’s true that having asthma results in serious repercussions including heavy breathing, asthmatics can still exercise as long as they are careful. Exercising is an integral part of dealing with any health-related condition. In fact, it is a vital approach to having a fortified immune system. Regardless of the risk of heavy breathing, there are various ways to go about exercising when inflicted with asthma.

exercise is still important

Employing stringent warm ups and cool downs in an exercise regimen is one approach to make it easier for asthmatic people to exercise. Exercise not only helps build muscles and strengthen the bones, it also helps strengthen the lungs. With stronger lungs, breathing is more manageable, thus the less the symptoms can be felt. Exercise can also reduce asthma-related risks because it induces generally better lung function. Keep in mind that it is always important to consult a doctor when planning to exercise – in order to know the best way it can be done.

A balanced diet, a good exercise regimen and proper medication are the keys towards controlling your asthma and not letting it control you.

Myth 5: Constant Medication Can Lead to Addiction

Since asthma is primarily a chronic, lasting disease, it often becomes necessary for someone suffering from it to take medication over a long period of time, depending on the indicators felt.

Inhalers are among the most popular medications for treating asthma. It acts as a more efficient manner of administering medicine because the drug is inhaled directly into the airways. Nebulizers are also used as a way of introducing the medicine to the body. These are machines used in hospitals which transfer short-acting bronchodilator medicines and convert them to aerosols for easier absorption.

asthma medicaiton

All these medicines and processes of administration do not lead to person becoming addicted as long as the whole medication processed is supervised by a medical specialist.

All in all, medicines and proper maintenance should not be taken lightly because it is the first and possibly most important aspect in treating the ailment. Since asthma is a serious matter, consistent evaluation of what medicine to use should always be in play.

Having asthma is one of the most frustrating things a person can have in their lifetime. Its symptoms – such as heavy and difficult breathing, wheezing, and chest pains can put a huge toll on a person, especially the children who are most prone to it.

The misconceptions regarding asthma are from people who most likely did not consult a professional. With the help of valid information from many doctors around the world, these misconceptions can be put to rest by spreading the facts.

Knowledge is power, and health is wealth.

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Heart Alert – Daily Routines That are Damaging Your Heart

Heart Alert – Daily Routines That are Damaging Your Heart

Imagine this: it’s early morning. It’s time to eat breakfast, your daily dose of mega-protein breakfast is laid out in front of you – 10 strips of bacon, 3 hotdogs,  2 eggs, and jug full of milk (okay, maybe no one eats THIS much, but you get the point). Your “healthy” breakfast is now underway.

Then after breakfast comes a full lunch, comprising of your favorites: steak and mashed potatoes. Before you know it, it’s dinnertime, and you say hello to another round of delicious, but not so very healthy foods. Though it may seem reasonable because you’re famished (as always), this eating pattern has now become a part of your daily routine.

heart graphic

It initially feels right to stuff your body full of all the food and energy that it is going to need in order to survive another day. This kind of habit makes you feel that you are healthy since you are eating three times a day.

Then again, there are things that you regularly do that you thought were harmless to your body, but are actually harming you one bite after another.

So you start eating vegetables. You try to ignore your cravings for a mouth-watering pork chop. At some point, you let go of the tension and decide to “give yourself a break” with a ton of french fries as a snack.

You may have changed your diet, but it does not guarantee that you are already healthy. This is just another habit that you thought was OK, but may actually be harming your body.

One of the things that takes the worst hit in your body is your heart.  Without you knowing, you may have certain habits that are actually destroying your healthy heart in the long run.

Try to think about your life choices so far. Consider which of the following habits you are currently practicing, and see if it’s about time to stop them in order to save you tons of money in hospital bills – or worse.

Know Your Heart

Even though the functions of the heart might seem mundane to you, the organ still serves as one of them most, if not the most, important organ inside your body. It is vital to make sure that your heart gets enough attention from you in order to prevent anything that might disrupt its main responsibility – pumping blood throughout your body.

Remember that your blood holds the life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients that your body needs. No organ inside your body has the ability to pump blood like the heart. In other words, it might be easy to change your whole house air purifier but that is not the case with your heart.

Habits That Can Damage Your Heart

The following are some of the worst habits that you might want to consider removing from your routine in order to keep your heart healthy:

  1.   You Sit All Day

If you don’t have a daily exercise routine, you tend to always end up sitting in front of your computer or television. But you might want to consider standing up and getting your running shoes and sports attire. People who spend at least five hours a day sitting have a higher rate of heart failure. Consider walking around your campus or outside your office during lunch breaks if you really cannot avoid sitting for too long.

cant avoid


  1.   You Eat Too Much

Overeating destroys your heart. No matter how much you love eating pizza or burgers. At some point, you just need to stop. As the song says, too much love can kill you.

eating too much

  1.   You Sleep Too Much

Sleeping beauty is the only person who stays healthy even after oversleeping. Obviously, you are not Aurora, and you are not in an animated film. Sleeping too much can harm your heart by putting it through extreme levels of blood pressure and levels of stress. In addition, making a habit of sleeping less than five hours a day can also damage your heart. Thus, make sure you sleep well every day.

sleeping beauty

  1.   You Do Not Floss Everyday

You read it right. If you do not floss regularly, chances are your heart might be damaged. Recent studies concluded that cardiac health conditions and dental diseases are related to each other. Your swollen gums open the door for bacteria that want to enter your mouth’s blood vessels. The bacteria can eventually reach your heart and result in the narrowing of the blood vessels in and on the heart itself.


  1.   You’re Dealing With Too Much Stress

Stress (usually financial) can also affect your heart’s health. More so if it leads to you thinking about how to pay your hospital bills! If you are starting to feel too much stress, learn to stop, relax and restart. You have to learn how to manage your stress levels. Extremely high stress levels can result in high blood pressure, depression or even insomnia. These negative results can disturb your active lifestyle and affect you health altogether.


  1.   You Consume Too Much Salt

Your blood pressure is going to suffer because of too much salt. Remember that high blood pressure can trigger a number of heart diseases. Then again, it is easy to leave your salt container in the kitchen, but it does not guarantee that you are not already having too much sodium chloride. Junk food and other processed food also contain salt that you may unknowingly be eating.


  1.   You Smoke

Lungs are not the only price you are going to pay if you keep on smoking. It can also damage your heart. If you stop smoking immediately, then it can lower your risk of having heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, or breathing problems. If you are not a smoker, then make sure to avoid secondhand smoking. Being a secondhand smoker has higher probability of compromising your heart as compared to first hand smokers.


  1.   You Drink Too Much

Unlike smoking, drinking moderately is fine for your heart. However, too much alcoholic drinks can increase your risks of high blood pressure, high level of blood fats, and even heart failure. The habit of drinking excessively can make you gain weight, which then could lead to heart problems. It’s fine to have drinks with college friends or co-worker during weekends, but make sure to remember your heart’s condition.


  1.   You Don’t Take Your Medicine

Skipping your medication could possibly result in terminal heart conditions. Your medicines might taste a little awful but your doctor prescribed them for a reason. If you are already under maintenance for blood pressure symptoms, you must not stop or skip taking your pills. High blood pressure is known as a silent killer. Thus, drink your meds, and do not allow this murderer to slay your heart.

no to medication

  1. You’re Putting Off Your Daily Checkups

Conducting daily appointments can save you from having fatal heart diseases. This practice might not entirely keep you from getting a bad heart condition, but it can help you check your health as early as possible. There are cases where patients learned about their conditions when a cure is no longer possible. Even though you are busy with work or school requirements, always make sure not to postpone your health appointments. All the money you can earn or knowledge you can gain are nothing if you end up in hospital bed just because you are too busy for a checkup.


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Lifestyle Check: How to Start Living Up to Your Full Potential

There was a time in human history when all human beings were contented with earth’s abundance all around them. Mother earth could provide all the riches a human being needed to sustain their life. If you wanted meat, wildlife provided more than enough. If you preferred fruits and vegetables, you could practically wander around anywhere and grab it!

Back then, life was simple. Life was about survival. The entire earth was your safe haven, and you already had everything you needed in order to survive: the prehistoric wealth that surrounded you.


As time passed, the human race has continuously wondered and wandered. Their minds, filled with curiosity, sought to explain the seemingly infinite amount of possibilities of the universe. “What will happen if…?” “When will this be…? “Who will lead us to…?” “Where will this…?” Questions popped up like droplets from a raging waterfall. Eons later, we’ve arrived at the present time. The current generation.

People are now learning to survive and thrive in a world that has evolved faster than they have. Thought, once, life was much simpler, people have continued to search for the “answers” behind the complexities of life in order to attain their inner growth.  However, for better or worse, the human race is still keeping up with the world’s trends, and staying alive while accepting the near-constant changes that our world brings.

It’s time to see if your life is still on-track and if you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Life Goals

Your goals define you. Goals determine how people choose to live their own individual lives. It speaks of how you were groomed to be the next batch of active people to rule the earth. What goals you set for yourself ultimately determine how what type of person you are, and where you will be in the future.

get your goals

Nowadays, people are constantly busy trying different ways to succeed and understand the game of life – to the point that they often forget what it means to actually live. Laying out goals for yourself paves the way to being self-content and personal satisfaction. Thus, truly living life!

Finding personal satisfaction means being contented with what you have. It can be simple: when a person wears his favorite pair of shoes during a game of basketball, he feels more comfortable and more powerful. Even that is contentment.

The same level of confidence exudes from a lady striding confidently as she walks by with her new and glamorous dress, or when a man flaunts his finely contoured body as a result of his regular routine at the gym.

Your goals could be absolutely anything. It’s not the goals themselves that matter, it’s the satisfaction you get from reaching them. For instance, physical goals may include the simple but worthwhile goal of living a healthy life.

Almost everyone shares the same objective of achieving a healthy life. You have to watch the food you eat, the activities you engage in, and the length of time you put into your much needed rest.

No matter how much time and energy you spend, if you feel the ends results are worth it, then they are worth it.. What is important is to know what you want and why you want it. The how’s can follow. When the heart and mind is pure, your goals will materialize.

The Technology Effect

Humans are social beings. We are always trying to connect to more people through any means possible

Technology comes to the rescue by allowing various developments and discoveries by humankind to continue. Living life has become a wonderful thing for anyone to do. Despite all the negatives, there are many things that we have today that improve our lives – and that is thanks to technology.

Nowadays, some children, even some adults, are not fully comfortable with meeting up with a person in the flesh. In the modern age, where things that seemed impossible before have been made possible, nothing is ever as it seems. From telegrams to cellphones, from black and white images to high definition videos, from riding horses to flying with airplanes, all of those things has brought about massive societal changes and many have affected relationship building.

At the end of the day, networking matched with the burning desire to keep the lines of communication open is the greatest tool for anyone to find success in life. What is important with technology is to embrace it while also ensuring that you don’t become overly reliant on it.


Right now, you can easily see hundreds of thousands of people using their handy-dandy cellular phones to take pictures and videos of their precious moments with their loved ones. Even things that seem as simple as the best air purifier are marvels of modern technology.

There’s nothing wrong with what technology has brought to humankind – despite the negatives. In fact, it’s made the world easier to live in and often even more entertaining. However, the fact that people are becoming entirely too dependent on it seems to be a growing trend.

Growing Up with Modernization

No one can deny that things have been lost due to the process of modernization. You may be tired of hearing that line from your parents and grandparents, but it does have merit. As they say, leave the past behind and stay focused on what is happening right now. History is always worth telling to the young generation, but not worth being stuck on. There will always be a never ending cycle of then and now when it comes to the stories of each and every generation.

Don’t you want to reminisce to the time when buildings, cars, and pollution didn’t cover the Earth? Who wouldn’t want to stroll around again at the astonishing green fields of grass which are now filled with countless skyscrapers? Or perhaps you miss the days when people were actually having fun conversing with each other and not with their phones? Imagine what this modernized world could be if just a few of those things were taken away. Perhaps this world really would be better off. Perhaps things would be in balance, and everyone would be much better off. It’s hard to say for certain.


The task that now lies ahead for people is maintaining the boundaries of modernization while focusing on personal growth. Ensuring that technology stays in its own place, while being part of the our society’s growth. Yes, it is a challenge. However, if we are able to so, the world will certainly be a happier and healthier place.

As they say, there are two sides in every story. No matter how long and dark the road may be, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. The most important thing is that people are growing up and catching up to the demands of the modern world. There is no turning back in this constantly evolving world, and everyone shares his or her participation towards its progress.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, time will never stop moving, and our world will never stop evolving..

So when it comes to living the life to its fullest, always remember that the outcome is entirely what YOU make it.

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