3 Reasons Why Enzyme Supplements Might Save Your Life

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3 Reasons Why Enzyme Supplements Might Save Your Life


Excellent digestion can lead to the prevention of cancer and heart problems.

>More often than not, the regular meal of a 21st century individual consists of high sugar, heavily processed and fried foods. Though there is the occasional hefty green platter, the majority greatly favors the seemingly more delicious, unhealthy option. Whether it’s a meal on the go or the cheat-day special treat for the gut, eating has become a gastronomical drama of human existence.

We are What we Eat

we are what we eat

People tend to discount that the food that goes in the body ultimately becomes a part of the individual, in whatever shape or form. Joey may disagree, but the saying “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” may have more meaning behind its comical value. Literally or figuratively, the digested material makes up the physiology of a person. It is just a matter of ensuring that food becomes a healthy, integral element of the body, rather than a disruptive, illness-inducing piece of lard.

This is when the big C and all its deadly pals find their way to the unsuspecting body. But there’s still hope.

This is for the faint of heart. This is for those who have been bound by their maintenance medicine. The missing ingredient that is needed to solve humanity’s physiological dilemma is enzymes.

What Are Enzymes?

Ezymes are protein-based substances that play an integral part in various bodily functions. They have big roles in a person’s day-to-day activities – from eating and digesting, to breathing and waste processing. Organs like the liver and kidney require these enzymes to do their respective jobs in making the body work as a well-oiled machine.

enzyme supplements, as nature intended

The perfect analogy to how enzymes work is seeing them like construction workers. They are the ones creating or “building” the most structurally sound network of cells, tissues and organs by processing the raw materials (i.e. food, water, health supplements) that the body takes in. An individual can consume all the “raw materials” in high quantities to ensure the “construction”  has all its required resources to keep on going.  However, if the “construction workers” are not present, the whole structure would not move forward, leading to a waste of stored resources.

The role of enzymes is practically evident in every nook and cranny of the body. They create an energy-boosting and disease-fighting aura that makes a strong and healthy body.

Excellent Digestion for an Excellent Energy Source

Enzymes’ upfront benefit to human health is its revitalizing effects to the digestive system.

Without a doubt, food is the main source of energy of the body. Processing the food through the digestive system ultimately creates the abundance of energy for the rest of the body to function. It follows that improving the metabolic rate helps revitalize, repair and restore every cell, tissue and organ of the body.

Before the process of cooking meals, humans consumedraw foods in bulk quantities. Enzymes are usually found in raw foods whole grains, fruits and vegetables and whole grains.The mass consumption of enzyme-rich foods provide ample, if not more than enough, healthy enzymes for the body to use.

However, the rise of deep-fried, processed, sometimes overcooked, meals and snacks reduce the natural enzymes acquisition of the body. In the infrequent occasion that raw fruits and vegetables are readily available, the raw foods are typically frozen (i.e. due to transportation requirements). Hence, the enzyme content is still reduced, if not completely depleted.

Enzymes are not only found in the food we eat. They can also be found within the body. The digestive system holds organs where enzymes are produced. From the mouth to the stomach all the way to the small intestine, enzymes are found in the digestive tract. Even the pancreas has healthy bacteria that secrete digestive enzymes.

However, the integral digestive enzymes that the human body is unable to produce on its own needs to be regularly consumed for maximum nutrient absorption. Cellulase and phytase are enzymes that help break down plant fiber (cellulose) in fruits, vegetables and grains (among others) we eat.  Phytates or phytic acid, found in beans and legumes, help process proteins, fats, starch and sugars in consumed foods. There are other enzymes that the body needs to acquire outside itself. Getting all necessary enzymes can lead to excellent digestion everyone needs for survival.

In retrospect, the average 21st man’s daily food consumption  is usually made up of processed foods and a minute portion (next to none) of fresh fruits and vegetables. This creates poor digestion, which leads to the sluggish, bloated feeling from indigestion. Ultimately, this leads to a physical and mental fatigue due to an internal overload of undigested food. The bad news is that this food residue becomes the source of impurities buildup and toxins accumulation, putting a huge, externally invisible load on the body.

The detoxifying benefit from enzymes gives relief from different digestive disorder and their usually uncomfortable symptoms. Constipation can be cleared with the promotion of proper and complete digestion. This benefit is highly important when regulated bowel movement is a matter of life and death.

At the end of the day, healthily detoxifying the body creates a happier, more energetic individual.

Powerful Protection for Energy Boost

Once food has entered the body and begins its journey through digestion, the process ends in the eventual assimilation of the food and its life-giving elements. Enzymes aid in the process of nutrient absorption. The body needs enzymes to make sure the food will be digested up to the cellular level.

Since nutrients are held together by bonds in the cellular level, the enzymes break these bonds so that the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. Whether produced in the body, or acquired through supplements or healthy raw foods, enzymes trigger the process of breaking down foods along the digestive tract to a point of easy assimilation (i.e. digested to the simplest food molecule).

After the food has been properly digested, the nutrients are absorbed by the body through the bloodstream through the lining of the intestines. In turn, the absorbed nutrients are transformed into energy that the body uses for all its essential functions to live. Once the body assimilates all the powerful nutrients and minerals from the food, the real magic begins.

As far as the human body’s detection system is concerned, unknown intruders, alien material and harmful physiological trespassers attempt to invade the body. This is where nutrition and its sole purpose comes in. Eating right and having its nutrients effectively absorbed greatly equips the immune system and strengthens the will to fight off any foreign intruders that relentlessly enter the body and try to harm it.

no to germs

Enzymes are made is such a way that they not only aid in proper digestion of food, they also help increase the productivity and effectiveness rate of all systems of the body. This creates a chain reaction – good digestion, to more energy, to stronger circulatory and respiratory tract, to a more powerful immunity system. This interconnected processes lead to a more stable body that can sustain life in itself for a long time..

Stronger fighter for a pain-free life

A fully-functioning and efficiently energized body can be strong enough to fight against allergies and infections. It has a high rate of recuperation, especially from surgery and extreme external traumas. Daily bodily duties are effectively done like burning stored fat (which can result to healthy weight loss), repairing systemic damages due to toxins, stress and other effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, and revitalizing the body from daily physiological exhaustion.

Unfortunately, enzyme production in the body decreases with age. More specifically, the body decreases its production of protease, lipase and amylase. This entails that the processing and digestion of protein, fats, and carbohydrates tend to slow down and be less effective. This is one of the reasons why older people are more prone to sickness.

Ensuring the continuous replenishment of enzymes help the body to be more equipped during adulthood. For example, Bromelain, a derivative from the pineapple plant, is a powerful, anti-inflammatory agent that guides the body to cure minor injuries (e.g. muscle and joint pains and swelling). The lack of this enzyme can cause a long-term effect if these minor injuries are left untreated. A minor sprain may lead to nerve-related complications.

Studies and testimonials have shown the wondrous effects of enzymes to the body. Partnered with a dedicated decision to lead a healthy life, cancer patients return to health since the body was able to heal itself and fight off cancer-causing cells. Hypertensives see a drastic improvement in their blood pressure. Diabetics experience heightened energy and vitality due to blood sugar neutralization. Enzymes help the body create a physiological turn-around once nutrition is raised back to the healthy level that it’s supposed to be.

fruit love

Eating well and living well can make a big difference. A healthy lifestyle is the fine line between a happy, fulfilling life and a dreadful, illness-stricken existence. This ideology has been written and promoted in different ways, means and color. For a good reason. A complete, healthy diet, and an active life through exercise and proper detoxification is the indeed a man’s roadmap to better living.

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